By reporting adverse reactions and drug effects,
you are helping us make drugs safer.



If you have reliable information about adverse reactions in relation to the company’s medicinal products, please report this in any suitable way:

  1. Use the automated form of submission of «Notice of adverse reaction or lack of therapeutic effect of the drug product» on the website.
  2. Download the «Notice of Adverse Reaction or No Therapeutic Effect of the Drug Product,» fill it in, and then send it to the company by e-mail: or fax: +7 (495) 725-44-69
  3. Communicate the available safety information for the drug product:
    • by phone: +7 (495) 800-77-87 ext. 1905 or 1907 (during working hours)
    • via interactive voice response system: +7 (495) 725-44-69 (24/7)

All information that will be sent to the company is strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure, except as required by law.


The information is for medical professionals only. If you are not a health care professional, please leave this section of the site.

It provides information on prescription drugs, their properties, methods of use and possible contraindications exclusively to healthcare professionals (persons with higher or secondary specialized medical education).

The prescription information provided on this section of the website, is intended solely for familiarization with drugs and is not a guide for self-diagnosis or treatment, and does not serve as medical advice or advice.

The site shall not be liable for possible damage to your health in case of unauthorized treatment based on the use of prescription drugs (without prior consultation with a specialist).

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